How it works?

Reliable cargo protection

Together with a wooden pallet and cover, the pallet collar forms a reliable closed wooden container - strong and opaque design that protects the most valuable and fragile goods against packaging damage and unauthorized entry.

Different applications

Pallet collars can easily be transformed and change the height of the same container from 20 to 180 cm. This is a container that can be (and profitably!) reused.

Convenient and functional

In order to assemble or disassemble the collars, you do not even need special equipment and skills. Whatever your cargo, you will pack it in a matter of minutes. When unloading a container box comprising collars, the upper pallet collars are easily removed, making it easier to access the goods at the lower level.

Cost-efficient returnable packaging materials

Pallet collars are the most cost-efficient returnable shipping container. When assembled, they occupy a volume 9.5 times smaller than in the form of containers. Perfect for returnable packaging!

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