We buy new pallets

ОРЕN group - is the largest community of pallet companies in Russia, working according to uniform quality standards.

For 25 years we have been producing pallets and pallet collars ourselves, we are experts in this field and the largest manufacturer. Our team includes constructors, technologists, experts with forestry education, product managers, quality control specialists, experienced logisticians.

We also purchase large batches of new pallets and pallet blanks all year round to meet our specifications.

Are you focused not just on long-term cooperation, but on trust and partnership? We, too!

We fulfill our obligations on time and in full. We expect the same from you.

We buy used pallets

The purchase of used wooden pallets is one of the important activities of our company. We work according to uniform quality standards in almost all regions of Russia.

We purchase large quantities of pallets at any time of the year.

We provide you with stable orders

  • We inform the volumes and schedule of purchases in advance.
  • We understand your business as experts. We advise on development, support.
  • With us - no financial and tax risks, because we conduct an absolutely transparent business.

And we provide our certified partners with special conditions.

We buy lumber

Year-round purchase of lumber in bulk at a good price:

  • Edged board, including waste board, small size.

  • Timber for pallets, including pressed cubes.

  • Pallet blank, including waney board, backing board.

OPEN group is a reliable and proven partner:

  1. We fulfill our payment obligations on time.

  2. We have transparent and understandable requirements for the acceptance of sawn timber.

  3. We can take all your volume from different varieties at an average price.

  4. The largest companies recommend us as a reliable partner.


We buy pallet collars

We are pioneers of the production of pallet collars in Russia and are the authors of the collars classification, which is already used everywhere in Russia.

  • Budget
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Euroboard

It would seem that this is a simple construction of several boards and loops, but, as in any business, it has its own subtleties. We know more about all this than anyone else in Russia, since for many years we have been successfully producing pallet collars ourselves at our production sites.

We also buy used and new pallet collars all year round. The main values for us have always been, are and will be the proper quality of products and the reliability of suppliers.

Any questions?

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