Riveted pallet collars are designed for repeated use and, according to our expert assessment, can serve 10-20 cycles.

And this is an ideal return packaging, because when transporting (returning) when assembled, they occupy a volume 9.5 times less than in working condition in the form of containers.

That is why we buy second-hand and new pallet boards year-round, because OPEN group specializes in comprehensive services in pallet logistics related to the return and restoration of used containers!

We work with legal entities for cashless payments.

Obligations on our part are fulfilled on time.

On your part, to start cooperation you will need only a standard package of legal documentation and, of course, we will see for yourself that your pallet boards comply with our specifications and quality criteria.

The main values for us have always been, are and will be the proper quality of products and the reliability of suppliers. If it is just as important to you, then we will work together!

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