Supporting a turnover of about 15 million pallets annually, we are always open for long-term cooperation. We work according to uniform quality standards in almost all regions of Russia, we have our own fleet of vehicles, and we purchase large quantities of pallets at any time of the year.

From whom we buy used pallets:

  • pallet companies
  • trade chains
  • FMCG companies and their distributors
  • automobile and machine-building plants
  • transport and logistics companies

For pallet companies to become one of OPEN group’s suppliers means to get a stable sale of pallet products.

here is no need to hire and maintain your own sales department, you do not need to search again and again for ways to implement each new batch of pallets, and, in the end, you can forget about “low seasons” and “downtime”: selling wooden pallets is no problem now!

For retail chains, OPEN group is a reliable counterparty that ensures timely removal of used pallets from distribution centers under a single federal contract, but at regional “tender” prices.

It is also important for retailers that we fulfill our payment obligations on time. Our partners and suppliers of used pallets today are all the largest Russian retail chains.

FMCG companies, as well as at engineering and automobile plants, often have pallets from raw materials or components accumulated.

They are not always suitable for shipment of finished products because of the design features, but this does not mean at all that such "raw" pallets need to be disposed of. With us you can turn them into the income of your company! We buy used pallets, export them by our own transport, pay by bank transfer in accordance with the contract.

So, no matter what industry you work in, most likely you have unclaimed used wooden pallets that you can sell to us, and at the same time get away from the costs of recycling pallet scrap.

You can look for many different options for the sale of used pallets, you can find adequate pallet buyers with a high share of luck, but cooperation with OPEN group will be perhaps the most reliable solution. We work with legal entities for cashless payments. Obligations on our part are fulfilled on time.

On your part, to start cooperation you will need only a standard package of legal documentation and, of course, we will see for yourself that your pallets comply with our specifications. The main values for us have always been, are and will be the proper quality of products and the reliability of suppliers. If it is just as important to you, then we will work together!

Any questions?

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