Why people choose us?


We were at the origins of the pallet business

We were at the origins and for 24 years we have grown into a well-known and respected brand, a group of companies providing complex services in the field of pallet logistics. We have created and brought technologies, products, and completely new services to the market. And now we are still the pioneers and industry leaders, we are developing, improving our knowledge, creating new pallet solutions.

We follow the trends

We follow the trends, innovations, learn new ideas and adapt successful foreign experience from various fields to our market, introduce promising ideas for the future, create and improve technologies in our industry.

Each of us has a chance to learn

Each of us feels a need to improve his knowledge, so OPEN group has built a corporate training system in various fields.

Well-known trainers-consultants: Dmitriy Tkachenko, Andrey Ostanin, help us to develop competencies in sales and negotiations.
Gals company inspires us to improve our skills in HR management, coaching, conflict management, self-knowledge and self-esteem 
Ilya Balakhnin and Paper Planes’s team advise us in the field of strategic marketing and HR management.
Adizes's Institute help us in organizational diagnostics and change management.

Each of us may approve himself and implement his ideas

In particular, any ideas beyond one’s work tasks and responsibilities! Any of us, employees of OPEN group, observing and improving the workflow, can become an author of a new idea, present it to colleagues. To improve the technology, equipment, business process of one or another department, or unit - our ideas box accepts any offers. Not a single idea is left without a careful study of the top management of the company.

We know how important the balance of work and personal life is. And we know how to work hard and have fun.

May shashlik, happy New Year, birthday of OPEN group, autumn sports or brain-soaking evenings are all our annual, rather than routine corporate events.
We work seriously, and then relax together in the framework of regular reporting meetings and strategic sessions - this is also about us!
Having rest with your family is excellent, and we will share our impressions from our vacation with colleagues on the corporate portal: “Look and envy in a good way, friends!”.

Every second person has been more than 5 years in the company

Every second person has been more than 5 years in the company

In our company, you can really grow professionally and build a career. Every second one stays with us for a long time, because he/she shares our values and worldview, because it is interesting and realistic to build an excellent career in OPEN group, become an expert in your field, or even change your field of activity, staying a member of OPEN group’s team!

Our employees about their work in OPEN group 

Mensaripova Valentina, Sales Coordinator

Gavrilov Aleksey, Warehouse Manager

Pristanskiy Pavel, Head of System Administration Group

Pykhantsev Maksim, Network Director

Vinogradova Lyubov, Head of Key Account Management

Kolesnikov Nikolay, Key Account Manager

Guliev Aleksandr, Director for Transit of New Pallets

Our current vacancies

If you:

1. Are ready for dynamic work and continuous self-development

2. Have sufficient professional knowledge to quickly immerse yourself in the subject environment

2. Build relationships from a "win-win" perspective

Respond to the vacancy you are interested in from the list on the right and our HR specialists will contact you.

Do you want to work in OPEN group, but there are no suitable vacancies right now? Send us your CV via the feedback form at the bottom of the page, we will definitely study it and will be back to your CV in case of a corresponding offer.

Why people choose us?


We were at the origins of the pallet business

We follow the trends

Each of us has a chance to learn


Each of us may approve himself and implement his ideas

We keep the balance

Every second person has been more than 5 years in the company

Our values



OPEN group complies with its obligations, and all members of our team are ready to take responsibility, we can admit our mistakes and correct them.

Active life position

We are all energetic and proactive, involved in the life of the company and aimed at the result, we believe in overall success and contribute to its achievement.


We are not afraid to listen to opinions about ourselves and talk about our vision openly, we are able to analyze the situation and are ready to change.


We appreciate the desire to learn new things, both with the help of others and independently, we are ready to go beyond the ordinary, change ourselves and change others. And we help the growth of our employees, since only professionals can bring the company to a new level of development.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified specialists who know what to do, understand how to do, know how to do and strive for continuous professional development.

Partnership and cooperation

We solve problems together, from a win-win standpoint, we are able to take into account the interests of others and value mutual support.

Our contacts


Ask us any question by phone or write a letter.

Personnel department: info-hr@pallet.ru

General e-mail on various issues: info@pallet.ru

Tel .: 8-800-600-333-0


Send your CV!

Send your CV!

If you want to join our team, please, send us your CV.